Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ode to the Good Girl

It is becoming increasingly clear that good girls are hard to come by and sadly for the good girl, she gets dismissed even when she is ever present. I want to celebrate the good girl. The one you missed. The girl who is right in front of you but whom you simply look past. The one that you know is good for you but don't really want. The girl whom you think you're too good for. The girl whom you think is too good for you. I want to celebrate the girl who is more real than anyone else you know. The good girl.

*Dedicated to all the single, fabulous, good girls I know :)


>> She is real. The good girl doesn't seem to flit around a daydream. She is in your face, she is vocal, she isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. She doesn't have time to play up to a fantasy because she is here, she is now and she is present.

>>She has heart. What I mean is, she has a good heart. At the base of it all, the good girl cares more about things than she lets on. She wants to save the world and you to help her do it.It is not her that you need to save.
>> She is animated. The girl you see isn't afraid of showing her feelings. She will tell you if she likes you or that she is sad or happy. The good girl feels and acts, sometimes on impulse but at least you will always know that she is a red-blooded, living, breathing person. 

>> She is happy. She likes to make the most out of life and she won't shy away from making a fool out of herself or to celebrate all the wonderful things that make her happy. She will laugh at life and she will make you laugh.

>> She is strong. Which is why most probably you never really gave her the time of day. The good girl will pick up the pieces not fall to pieces. We all know boys want girls they feel the need to save and unfortunately, the good girl doesn't need that because she's been too busy building a life not ruining one.

>> She won't break your heart. Chances are, it's the good girl who will be the one who will stand by you and fight your battles with you...loyal to the end. Chances are, she will be the one left behind when you decide to move on. And, chances are, she'll be the one with the broken heart.

So give the good girl a chance, guys...They might be the best thing that could happen to you.


  1. I want a good girl! Thanks for this, it makes me have hope that there are still good girls out there, and I want to marry one :) I hope I meet one at school next year! I'm tired of this whole culture of silliness and I want someone just as real as I am. I'm so excited for the day when I find it :) Thanks

    1. WOW! Upon reading this, i felt i'm one of them. But unfortunately, haven't found a good man yet.

      Till now, i still wonder why guys looks past on us good girls while spending hundreds of hours staring on fancy beauties. Why is it that some guys don't recognize real beauty?