Saturday, July 18, 2009

Here's Looking At You

I have a LOT of goodlooking girl friends. And no, I'm not exaggerating or trying to butter up my friends when I say this. It's true. A lot of the people I hang out have any of the following happen to them on a regular basis:

1) Have men say, 'damn, look at her' when they walk past.
2) Get marriage proposals on the street.
3) Have talent scouts come up to them and ask them to model.
4) Get modellling jobs.
5) Have random people come up to them and want to take pictures of them.

The great thing about hanging out with good looking people is that you generally look popular because of the influx of people looking in your direction. The down side is that, after awhile you start to feel like the short, fat troll hanger on.

Which makes me ponder, just how important are looks when it comes to being a happy single? Could your singledom come down to the pure and simple fact that you're just not as good looking as you think you are?

I know it's about confidence and personality and general chemistry, but physical attraction is the first thing that attracts us to the opposite sex. What if you simply aren't attractive to the type you consider attractive? In a society that prioritises looks over so much else, is being plain and not accepting that fact going to be your ultimate downfall?

Chillingly...for me at least, I wonder, if I never accept that looks play a huge part in this whole game, am I being completely deluded?

What do you think? Do you think your looks play an integral part in securing your future in finding a partner?


  1. Hmm... I don't think looks play a part in singledom - if they did, then all fugly ppl would be single and they're not! Fugly ppl are usually the the first to become part of a duo..and that's cos it boils down to personality and charisma. Sure, amazing looks means u GET more looks - but being able to sustain that first look in a relationship takes more skill than just good genes.

  2. I think looks do matter. I have been told I am hot and I think I am good looking, but the problem is that I am a little over weight. I am often told I would get more guys If I just dropped 20 lbs.

  3. I'm overweight but that has never stopped me from having guys fall at my feet... and it ain't my hotness, it's my charm :D

  4. thanks girls for putting your spin on things :)

    LSG: dont listen to those people. listen to ppl like ghost writer! haha. it's all about charm and general hotness :)