Thursday, November 12, 2009

Panic Fantastique

Potsie sent me an email this morning saying that she had a panic attack last night. It is the age old single girl in her *sniff sniff* late twenties panic attack...the What If I'm Single Forever attack.

It is the kind of realisation that makes us suddenly want to wear more makeup or go to bars and pretend to smoke...or start laughing hysterically at very dull men. It is the kind of attack that well, makes you start a blog to try and remind yourself that being single can be happy too. Hah.

Well, 3 years ago, when I was still in the brighter side of my twenties, I had the attack. It occured to me that if I wanted to meet a nice boy, be with him for a couple of years before we get married, I should be actively start searching for him NOW NOW NOW. Unfortunately that was 3 years ago, and I fell in love with the right boy but at the wrong time and 3 years on, I am still very much single and the panic is starting to rise again.

What you should do when you get the Single-forever Panic Attack (SPA).
# - Think about the nice boys that you know and whether they're single. If they are, time to start thinking if you could be more than friends.

# - Become more sociable and don't turn down invitations to cool parties because you have to wash your hair.

# - Try online dating. (But please be careful)

# - Get a back up. Make a pact with a single good guy friend (gay or not gay) to get married by age whatever if you're both still single.
# - Get another back up. If you don't have any willing male friends, time to ask one of your sorority sisters if they want to share your sorority spinster house.


  1. #come for cool parties like Malam Tumpang Glamour! :D

  2. teehee. ok i'll make sure my hair is washed and ready to go :P

  3. You know what's so scary... a week after arriving in Australia, three different people have told me to register on internet dating sites... whatever happened to meeting people in a cafe/on the bus / at the library???

  4. My mother is an excellent example of searching for a nice man. Although, I do understand she is getting quite along in her years. I'm sad that she won't find the right guy to make her happy and fall head-over-heels in love. I suspect she date this man around her age and is clearly in love with her even though I haven't met him yet, he sounds adorable. "He has that look in his eye when he sees my mother" so I've been told.