Sunday, November 15, 2009

Six Pack Pact

This weekend I spent drooling over Ryan Reynolds. Erm, not literally. *sniff sniff*. And I was thinking to myself, oh man, will I ever get to feel a six pack like that ever in my life? I've never even seen one in real life. How sad is that? So in ode to the stuff we may never get to do, I've devised a list of things I wanna see (and touch) if I ever get the chance to before it's too damn late.

My Six Pack Pacts To Myself:
# Touch a six or eight pack abs like Ryan Reynold's or Rain's. (Anybody wanna go watch Ninja Assassin? *drool*)

# Shag someone with the 'hip line' (you know that one that goes from hip to *nether regions*...) Wahhhh.

# Have an incredibly pretty boy kiss me (by pretty I mean like the doe-eyes of Zack Effron and the lucious man-bangs of Chace Crawford) WOO!

# Have a super hot, super toned surfer dude teach me how to surf. Duuudddeee!

# Go out with a celebrity so we can take that classic papparazzi shot of him holding my hand and leading me away from the adoring crowd (with sunglasses and cap pulled down low of course). (And no, photoshopping yourself into a photo with Wentworth Miller [you KNOW who you are] does not count!!!]
Now, don't be shy...tell me what your six-pack dreams are....*sigh*


  1. i've stopped dreaming about men with six packs. otherwise i'm gonna be effed.

    but there's still hope for you. i believe in it.

  2. Lately, my fantasies have mostly been about dying. Yes I'm serious. I've had the terminal illness one; I've had the leaping in front of a tube train one; the one where u bleed to death after slitting ur wrists, is rather elegant...but I think I like the idea of being shot, most.

  3. erm. maybe u should get yourself a dirty fantasy to cancel out the scary death fantasies dude.

  4. I've personally experienced 1 and 2.

    But I didn't feel attracted to him at all. Too bad. I like my men soft and squeezy.