Thursday, June 3, 2010

Just You, Me and the Polar Bears

Right, I'm in a letter writing mood these days. So here goes...

Dear Boyzzz,

The thing is, I'm not particularly cool.  I don't go out much. I don't smoke (well, not really, as in, I don't buy cigarettes and I don't inhale), I can't drink (this is not a choice, I would very much LOVE to have a glass of red wine at dinner or get completely pissed and dance the night away but, I'm allergic and unless you want to spend the rest of the night watching me scratch red hives that appear on my body or hold my hair back, me + drinking is no fun), and..I'm pretty crap at flirting (I turn into a deaf-mute in the face of ppl I'm attracted to). 

Are you still with me? Another thing, I'm not particularly hot which makes me not particularly popular. I used to wear scrunchies (The SHAME), I'm quite short (I have big thighs and chunky ankles), and sadly, my 'girls' (that's boobies to u) aren't exactly voluptuous. Boohoohoo. My hair is messy but like, crazy messy not Serena Van Der Woodsen hot messy and I hunch sometimes although I'm trying to sort that out (Yogilates!). I'm also not bothered enough to wear contacts so you'll have to deal with a speccy girl most of the time.

But what I can offer is this: I will write you your dreams. I can create an entire universe just for you and make you live forever. I can also make you laugh and I will always dance when you want to. I will hold your hand when you least expect it and I do genuinely want to save the world a little bit. But probably most importantly,what I can offer you is this: you will be the only one.

Oh, right, and women in my family age well so bonus there! Woohoo! I'll age gracefully by your side.

If you can handle all this, then find me already. Please. 

Yours truly,


  1. inane thought: i remembered this line from 'the holiday'. some old dude told kate winslet that she needs to be the leading lady in her own life, not some supporting actress. that is very true. :)

  2. Hun. I think you are gorgeous, what is wrong with you??


    anyways. I used to wear glasses, be a complete geek, and I turn into a deaf-mute when I like someone, too. I also worry I'm fat, and hate the fact that I don't have six-pack abs.

    We are all strange and unhappy with ourselves. Why?