Saturday, July 3, 2010

For the Desert Princess

From today onwards, I will be losing yet another fellow single girl. There is need though, to rejoice this fact, for today, my very beautiful and brave friend will be getting married.

Although it kills me that I can't be there in person, I take comfort in the fact that at the very least I can dedicate a post to her.

For her I want to wish all the love and happiness in the world. I can think of no one better to deserve all this.

And I also want to say this to you, whoever or wherever you are, the reader...if you're single and losing hope, then it is very important that you know should never stop believing that you deserve love.

Because here is one of my best friends, who is getting married not the first, but for the second time. If you asked me, it is because she never really stopped believing in the happiness that she deserved. She is not afraid of taking the leap...toward commitment, toward faith and toward love. For this, I stand in full admiration of her.

From her I have learnt that love is something that comes to you, only if you truly believe that you deserve it. From her I have also learnt that Love will come to you if you love yourself. My dear friend, who has seen me through my single years has always been the first person to encourage me toward looking for and accepting love. I am thankful I have, after all these sad attempts, someone who still believes so greatly that I deserve this great love that I don't always believe I will ever find. Through her finding it, perhaps, my faith grows.

So tonight, as this fabulous friend gets married (again!) I want to congratulate her for being so brave and for believing and teaching me to believe too. I wish her happiness, I wish her prosperity, I wish her passion, I wish her contentment and above all, I wish for her all the intense, great, insatiable love that she really, truly deserves.


  1. I also believe that if you really believe in love and are ready, it will happen. However, I have been continually told by subsequent men that I am "amazing" yet, not "the one." Thus, I'm bitter. Not that I'm not genuinly happy for people who get married - I am. I guess part of me just wishes that love would come as easily to me as it did to them (case-in-point: I will be attending my 22-year-old cousin's wedding next weekend...twenty fucking two and getting married. Ugh. At least there is an open bar!)

  2. It is I! The Desert Princess!!!

    Thank you SO much for the post.. it brought tears to my eyes! I'm SO not worthy of it.. But yes, I do believe in love and I do believe that the One will find you, love you, and give you all the happiness you deserve... and then start annoying the hell out of you. And then you'll realise that getting hitched isn't all that hahaha! love you loads xxx