Wednesday, October 21, 2009

B-Day (Bubble bursting-day)

If you wanna measure how much you matter to the 'men in your life', then there's no better way than when it comes to your birthday. Here are the responses of people I consider/considered to be *significant*. 

Former Love of Life (FLOL) - no wishes. From being the only person to make it special 3 years multiple messages 2 years belated wishes a year nothing. Silence. NOWT. Now I know why they call it EX-communicado.

Pseudo-Crush - he didn't know it was my birthday. 'Nuff said. Altho, he did try making up for it when I reminded him. Hurhur. 

Ridic - I don't think he got the message alert on FB since he has 10 000 friends and at least 100 ppl might've shared my bday. 

James Franco - despite the fact he doesn't know I exist, he STILL managed to turn up in Spiderman 3 which happened to be showing on the bus I was taking on my birthday. That was very nice of him. 


In more exciting news though, not one but TWO sexy older men(SOM) sent very sweet messages to me.

Message from SOM #1 - Hey sweetie, rumour has it it's your happy birthday honey. (Cheap thrill factor: 8 outta 10) - sweet nothings sial! 

Message from SOM #2 - Happy birthday dear. *something intellectual I don't understand* Lots of love SOM#2. (Cheap thrill factor: 9 outta 10) - because it was damn intellectual. 


  1. hehehe. i love the soms. almost orgasmic when its an intellectual message, eh?? imagine if it was a r-som (rich som)? wah multiple orgasm. sigh. better than old aunties who tell you, "wah one year old, no boyfriend yet ah?" menc****kan.

  2. yes remember to keep track of the rich SOM. We have to fulfill our kamerons pledge.

  3. thanks for visiting VE.

    oink n bally..more on the SOM soon ..akaka

  4. only SOMS are thoughtful like that kan... but does that mean men our own age are hopeless?? *sighhh*