Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Good Crush?

Easier said than done but I reckon, if you're gonna have a crush, it better be a good one. As in good for you. Recently, both my good friends Prontip and Rie have revealed that they are blissfully 'in crush' with good crushes. Here are a few tips on how to spot a good crush.

>> He is nice to you. (By this I mean, he at least acknowledges your presence and does things like send you cheering up emails and takes you into consideration when he erm, buys popcorn at the cinema)

>> He is nice to other people. (He does noble things like gives his seat up for old ladies and asks after your mom and oh, helps build schools for poor orphans)

>> He is not secretly gay. (He does not flirt with you for the sole purpose of getting your 20% M.A.C. discount voucher)

>> Everyone around you does not exclaim 'HE IS AN ASSHOLE' when you mention his name. (This is a special NOTE TO SELF)

>> He is not taken and lying about it. (Any crush who happens to mention that he has a wife and kid is TOXIC).

>> He does not confuse you (He doesn't play a cat and mouse, talking in circles game with you)


Anyhoo...I need a good crush. My crush, Ridic does not fulfill any of the criteria I mentioned above. He is not nice to me. (Well, he blew me off the one and only time I contacted him. Rude. )He is not nice to other people. (Despite his 5000 and growing number of FB friends.blah.). Everyone around me screams he is an asshole when I mention him :( :( He is taken and being very assholic about it. Poor girl. And I suspect, one day he might confess he's gay. Dear me.

My Pseudo-Crush, Mr.White, however, is not a particularly a good crush either. But since he is a pseudo-crush I reckon fulfilling half of my requirements is A-Ok.
In conclusion, I need a good crush. But unfortunately, due to the lack of candidates, he'll have to be James Franco for now.


  1. I don't think I've ever had a good crush in my life. In fact, all my crushes have fulfilled all the requirement of being bad crushes:
    Crush 1: didn't even know who I was.
    Crush 2: ass-hole
    Crush 3: great guy, married with a kid
    Crush 4: great guy with a healthy interrest in me but with two major flaws- taken and evidently idiot in reards to the opposite sex, coz his girlfriend was lik WTF???!!!
    ...I think the dissapointment has put me off crushing completely. Pissssssh

  2. 1. He is usually reasonably nice to me. (i.e. he hasn't ever been a total jerk to me, actually talks to me when I sit my arse down in front of him in choir)
    2. He seems pretty nice to most people we know (probs cuz I only see him interacting w/our mutual friends and he's nice to them, also he doesn't act like an arsehole from what I can tell)
    3. He is not gay. This I am sure of, although one of his best friends seems to have an incredible homosexual crush on him.
    4. people always seem to yell "EGO!" or "he's in love with himself" whenever I say his name. But they don't yell "asshole"
    5. He is not taken.
    6. But he does confuse me like no other ):