Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The SOM (Sexy Older Man)

One day I was like in the supermarket in KLCC and I was looking for some juice. I reached for the juice and I noticed someone next to me. When I turned around, I was faced with something juicier than my box of Sunkist Orange(kakaka). It was a Sexy Older Man (SOM). He had wavy hair that was tinged with salt and pepper. He wore a trilby hat (always a plus point as it shows gentlemanliness) and he had greenish-hazel eyes.

Anyway, dare I recall...I grabbed my juice, hid behind the supermarket aisle and grinned like an idiot when he glanced my way. Then I pulled the classic, 'oh I'm a very busy woman' trick and ran the hell away to tell all my friends I had encountered a rare species. 

It got me thinking...are we old enough to be okay dating SOMs? I think we definitely are. However, do I have the emotional maturity to handle a SOM? I think I definitely don't. I mean, can I hold a conversation with an intelligent man over 10 years my senior? Yes. But, can I keep it together enough for him to think I'm a fantastic, mature, intelligent, non-crazy, woman? No. 

I can foresee something like this happening:

SOM: Yes yes, the judiciary in this country really needs to be looked at. In a recent case, a guy was arrested under penal code 434 etc. etc. 

Happsgirl: Mm-hmm. I totally agree. *stifles laughter*(heeheehee...he said PENAL!!).

Not. Good. 


  1. HEhehe...some girls has a fetish for SOM..:)
    I'm married to someone 12 years my senior..

  2. Haha, I think you can do it. Be yourself and he will be enraptured, no doubt. Every SOM wants a BYT on his arm.

  3. well good for you vijay for being the toyboy!

    GW - does the B stand for butfill? coz i couldn't figure it out. :P

  4. I think you could pull it off. I once had a facebook-messaging-intellectual discourse which were totally orgasmic with a SOM. The ideal SOM, in my opinion la. OMG...I need to start FB stalking him again...hahaha