Monday, August 10, 2009

Standards My Dear

When you're single, and you haven't hooked up with the next man on the street, people will start telling you to lower your standards. "Please don't be so picky" they'll say. Why isn't the next man on the street good enough for you? Must lower your standards, give people a chance...etc.

But here's my gripe. Why should we lower our standards? Here are some questions I ponder when I think about lowering my standards...

# Why is it that wanting just a normal guy who isn't insane, is decent looking, has a job and can string a proper sentence together considered such a high standard?

# How come it's only the people who are hooked up with the most super-duper men that ask me to lower my high standards?

# Why is it that even when I do lower my standards, I unwittingly find out the object of my affection turns out to be amongst many things....a member of royalty, a Ferarri owner, a genius rock star?

# Does lowering my standards mean that the level that I deem worthy for myself is really out of my league? Am I really that unworthy of a high standard?

Yah, I have to wonder, why does there have to BE a standard at all? I mean, I seriously don't think some halfway intelligent dude who smells good and isn't clinically insane is asking too much.

And here's another thing, if you're not picky, and you end up being beaten or hurt or simply left high and dry by some asshole, why is it then that people say, oh he's a bad egg, why did you let him into your life in the first place?

Seriously now, having standards isn't a bad thing. At least not for me. And if it means being alone for a little while longer, so be it.


  1. I really hate it when people say your standards are 'too high'. Who are they to judge? Everyone is different. And I have been criticized by people saying my standards are too low sometimes!! Who the hell do they think they are? If I am attracted to somebody and even love them, who cares if my standards are perceived as too high or too low? It is insulting to me AND to the guy(s).

  2. I totally agree. A friend tried to get me to date a creepy guy just so I would have a boyfriend. They make it seem like it's our fault we are single. It isnt our fault, it's our CCHOICE! Oh and I watch this friend date below her all the time just so she isnt single and it never turns out well.

  3. I lowered my standards for my current boyfriend! Ha ha, just kidding :p

  4. I keep asking myself if my standards are too high because I don't fall for any guy walking down the street so easily. Thanks for the reminder that I'm still normal. :)