Monday, January 4, 2010

Flowers For Me?

The problem with having no good candidates in your life is that you start fantasising about the kind of men that you want. 

Unfortunately, the two men I've started fantasising about are:

1) Brandon Flowers

Problems: He's married. He's a Mormon. He's the frontman of The Killers. He's like super famous. And oh, Bally has called dibs on him ages ago. Tricky, tricky.

But I once wrote him a letter when he was still single and not so famous. Maybe I should send it.

2) Flower-painting Guy

Problems: I only discovered him last night. I've only seen half his face (the pic in the magazine was only side profile :( ). He lives in New York. He is most probably gay. Sniff Sniff. 

Maybe I should send him a letter too. His website has a contact sheet. Yay. 


  1. Why are you talking openly about my husband in your blog? Do u not care about my feelings?

    Anyway, pay attention please...

    Flower Painter Guy = NEW YORK

    Please continue your search elsewhere.

    btw, Las Vegas is also VERY NOT EAST. So lay your hands off my hubby ok?

    X Lubs u

  2. i already found a solution. New York is on the EAST coast of the USA. problem solved.
    i mentioned to the whole world that he's taken by you...shouldn't that placate you?