Friday, January 29, 2010

Meow Schmeow

I know I may be too young to be a cougar (hey, I'm still on the bright side of least I like to think so) but I really think, when it comes down to it, cougars may have it completely right after all. 

THIS ARTICLE asserts why you shouldn't be ashamed should you be tempted to sample the delights of the younger man(hood). 

Yes. I say this because I found myself consoling a freaked out FSG the other day over her attraction toward a young man over 10 years her junior. I thought to myself, why the hell should she be freaked out? He's nice and he's legal and he likes her. Had this been a 20 yr old woman lusting over a 30 year old man, there would be no problems there. 

Perhaps we are all viewing the cougar analogy wrongly. Perhaps instead of a mean, predatory cat, we should celebrate the cougar for being a majestic, confident and a helluva sexy pussy...

Meowrrr :)

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