Sunday, January 10, 2010

Year of the Gentleman

The lack of true gentlemen in our vicinity has really put a downer on the hope that maybe one day a Prince Charming might come along to sweep us off our feet. 

Seeing as I have recently been in the presence of the ULTIMATE gentleman, Mr. Ne-Yo himself, it got me thinking about all the right things men should do to keep women interested and happy around them. 

- Appreciate our presence. (Just like Ne-Yo regrets leaving his baby girl in the song Fade Into The Background)

- Don't take us for granted. (Ne-Yo makes a list of all the things he took for granted and makes it Part Of The List)

- Don't be rude to us. (Ne-Yo is so polite he offers to be our boyfriend in Single

- Always offer to help. (When you're sad, Ne-Yo offers to take you out for calamari, and asks the sun to stop shining So You Can Cry)

- Pick up the tab once in awhile. (Again, chocolicious Ne-Yo appreciates that a woman can be a Ms. Independent and pay her bills but he can look after her too)

We (my FSGs and I) have decided that since we started off 2010 by witnessing this choco-gentle-man  that 2010 should really be The Year Of The Gentleman. So let's clasp our hands in prayer and hope that this year will bring us fewer assholes more gentle, kind, worthy men. 


  1. i actually really love that whole album - Fade Into The Background'sgot a good bass line going and I love the line about Calamari in So You Can Cry - something about not attending your pity party rite.. love Ne-Yo la.

    haha sorry for rambling