Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cowering in a Corner

In a conversation with PoPots, I have come to the conclusion that we fear lots. When it comes to mens' appearances, that is.
eg. Popots: I have a general fear of fat men.
Happsgirl: I ran as far as possible when a short man talked to me.

We realise we're being shallow of course, but we also decided that we're not going to be apologetic about it. When I asked around, I realise that almost everyone has a baseless fear when it comes to men's appearances.

There is a fear of bald men...A fear of men with BO (I think this applies to all of us)... The fear of hairy men...Heebie-jeebies around men who are TOO hairless... A fear of skinny men...We fear of overly tall men...Fear of men with big teeth...the fear of sweaty men...Men who have long fingernails make us run a mile...we cower from men with bad breath...and even the fear of beautiful men.

I myself am really put off by short men...I can't understand being attracted to someone who is shorter than me (I'm 5'4). I think 5'4 is seriously the shortest a man can go. When I can see over the top of your head, it sends a chill down my spine. It's like my fear of lizards...completely baseless and irrational but it is no doubt a fear.

I've put down these fears to simple survival code. We don't want to see in our partners or potential partners what we see as flaws in ourselves. I'm short and have always resented that fact. So I cower from shorties and have an imaginary height requirement bar of 5'10.

So fess up, what do you fear?


  1. I fear men who have something stuck in their teeth and they don't know it, or maybe it's just not their day in the look department, and then they start talking to me.

    I also agree with you on men who are shorter than me. And big men who overwhelm and intimidate me, just so scary!

  2. I fear men with the ability to never seem like the type who would have sudden outbursts of anger, ending the night with a dented crow bar, a broken bottle of JD, a million bruises on my body and a pool of blood by my side.

  3. I have a fear of stupid men or uneducated men because their ignorance is just scary

  4. All of the above, and so much more.

    But like you, I am petite, and fear short men. My children would have no hope.

    Sadly i am their queen bee....they can't help but be attracted to me.