Thursday, September 3, 2009

To match or not to match

If only I looked like dear ol' Alessandra...

I am contemplating signing up to I really want to. I've even gone as far as to browse the site and skim the signing up sheet.
Desperate times call for desperate measures you know.

Before I go any further though, I'd like to recall a time when I DID join up to a dating website. The reason I did this was well, I wanted to stalk Baxter. And Baxter signed up for a joke and anything Baxter did at that time, I did. Pah.

So I join up and I get a few random messages. But you can't chat for free on this site and I wasn't about to pay good money to talk to random ugly men. I could do that on the subway.

Then I get this idea...put up a pic of a model and see how many messages I get. So I go browsing through the Storm Models website and pick a photo that looks unprofessional.

I draw on my creative skills to write up a profile and lo and behold! I get around 100 messages in the first hour I sign up! woohoo!
Two guys offer to buy me 'gift memberships' to which I accept graciously and use the membership to chat up other guys.

In one day, my character "Anna" became the most popular profile on the website. Woohoo!

Through "Anna" I do get to 'meet' my share of funny and fantastic people. There was the dude whose every message started with the line "sky's a clear blue today"...there was the stalker dude who wouldn't go away even after I was incredibly rude...and there was the lovely dude who had the funniest messages who turned out to be a serial online dating player.

Sadly my sojourn into becoming a popular online dating character was short lived. My gift subscription expired and I got lazy replying the dozens and dozens of messages I got. I started to feel like the ugly personal assistant to my celebrity alter ego.

There was also the erm...slight mess whereby I chatted up one of my friends as "Anna" and had to come clean to him when he started getting interested in 'her'. Messy.

However!There is a lesson to be learnt here though...since my character was such a hit and had so many men fall in love with her words, I realised that it is not my personality that was the problem, it was my looks.
*sniffly sniffly poo*

And also...err...the other lesson to be learnt is that you might get caught for identity theft. Or unlicensed use of Storm Model pictures. :(

So yeah, do I want to go through all that crap again? hehe. Let's just wait and see!

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  1. I've never been a fan of Have you tried any of the other services? Right now I'm using OKCupid and liking it.