Friday, September 18, 2009

The Relationship Wish List

It occured to me that it would be really useful if relationships, like weddings or happy holidays came with their very own set of wish lists.
So here it is, the wish list I hope for everytime someone meets someone...

#1 - Date me because you're into me, not because you're lonely and want a gap-filler.

#2 - Date me because you really want to be with me. (Not because your mother pushed you toward me)

#3 - Do not cheat on me. (This includes adding random Japanese Kawa-i girls on your Facebook page and 'liking' each of their skanky pics)

#4 - Trust me. (Unless I'm a real bitch, I probably won't cheat on you before you cheat on me)

#5 - Do not do stuff that makes me think you're dodgy. (Like having secret bank accounts or being a sideline drug dealer)

#6 - Love me enough to want to marry me someday.

#7 - Be nice to my friends and family. (Don't turn me against them or alienate me from them)

#8 - Care enough about me to never want to hurt me even in the smallest way. (Sometimes the smallest insults are the ones that hurt most)

#9 - Respect me enough to be honest with me. (If you're gay, the sooner you tell me the better)

#10 - Be happy with me. (Don't refer to me as the 'gatekeeping bitch' behind my back)


  1. #11 - don't make me use a bf pillow. shower me with hugs when i need it without me having to prompt you for that.

    #12 - support. partners support, not criticise.

  2. hahaha. i also dont wanna use a boyfriend pillow :) anymore to add?

  3. #13 - do not be a parasite. it's gotta be a simbiosis relationship. be someone i can learn from.

  4. #14 - Don't stew. If something is bugging you, OUT with it! Don't hold it in only to have it all explode from your mouth two weeks after the fact.