Monday, September 7, 2009

Not Enough Fans

well, I've decided, after 2 delete my profile from the aforementioned dating website.

sniff sniff.

I got 20 fans and started to get really excited and chuffed but then what happened was, I didn't get anymore fans. So now I'm feeling huffy.

Another reason is that this sneaky dating website needs you to buy at least a monthly subscription to talk to the lovely men who have taken the trouble to message you. Something I can't physically do anyway.

Which is a shame seeing as some of the dudes seem quite lovely.

There was :

Darren - some dude who owns his own publishing house who genuinely sounds pretty lovely. He also looks a bit like Shayne Ward. Score! His only flaw was that he seemed a bit boring and a bit too appreciative of my 'prettiness'.

George - His first message read 'Tea?'...then I didn't his next message was 'Cake?'..HAHA. Stuff like that cracks me up. Plus his profile said he was once groomed by a monkey. But he wants me to sign up and I can't. And he ain't buying me a subscription (which I cheekily asked for). Oh well.

Old Guy - This dude's message goes ' Wow, you're sassy and stunning! When do you get back from your travels? Let's meet up" and I'm thinking, dude, slow down. So I asked him for a subsciption and he goes 'AM I THE KINDA MAN YOU WANT THOUGH?' To which I replied, I'm very interested.' But that still didn't make him buy me a subscription. Boo.


Late last night I noticed a cute guy who had viewed my profile. I got suitably excited and decided to go through all his photos. On closer inspection, I was CONVINCED he was my ex-housemate JimJam. But this dude was hot and sexy. And my housemate was neither. So I decided to browse his profile and the more I stalked the more convinced I was this dude was JimJam. Everything from the age to the height matched. The biggest question right now is, how did my former housemate become so damn hot? And if it is him, why didn't he bloody add me to his favourites???

More reason to go MIA on the site.

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