Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sold out on Soulmates

Oh Ho Ho Ho...

So here's the update...I totally tried signing up to this dating website but try as I might, every username I picked wasn't available. Which I reckon is a glitch in the system because how can 'happpsssgirl8234' be taken? I mean the probability is like 1 in a yeah, it's not meant to be that I sign up on that site.

So what I did was go back to a trusty site. Although, I had to lie about my location because you don't get clicks if you say you're stuck in a stupid city in a stupid country in the Far East. Unless the dudes are Asian Slut Chasers or...the usual despo Arabs and Indians. Who always message you the same thing " You want be my wife?" or "You sexy. I marry you, yes?"


Anyway, the update is that I've signed on for like less than 24 hours and already I have 13 'Fans' Whoopteedoo. And a couple of messages from dudes who aren't all bad. Seriously! Quite hamsem ok. I shall send pics to Potsie and Prontip for approval.

I gotta say, I'm having fun.
More updates later.kaka.


  1. i'm inspired to look for new love and new 'connections' by you and prontip. there shouldnt be just one out there. if not right, KANTOI.

  2. HAHA. I met a foin Muslim guy on and we've been talkin' fer some time now. He's great for advice but sometimes I think he just doesn't understand. At first he was stalker-ish but then he didn't pursue me any further prolly coz I annoy the heck outta him with my problems. But he's cool and nice...I also like to leave him hanging for 3 months or so. Hehehe. >:D I have an evil master plan in the making.