Sunday, September 20, 2009

Treat 'Em Mean....

I'm going to test out a theory...

So I watched The Ugly Truth today and it suddenly dawned on me that this whole 'treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen' business might actually work both ways.
If there's really any truth in all this, then most men will be intrigued by a woman who does any of the following:

#1 - Refuse to let them buy you a drink. (but then obviously retract at the last second)

#2 - Talk to them for 2 minutes and be really like, into them...then fuck off to the toilet only to return and talk to some other guy.

#3 - Don't even bother giving them your name but give him your own personal nickname.

#4 - If they ask you not to do something, go ahead and do it.
(eg. Guy: Don't smoke so much, it's a bad habit.
You: Light up a cigarette and blow the smoke in his face with a sly grin)

#5 - Call them then hang up suddenly or talk to someone else (preferably a guy) when you're still on the phone with them.

So ladies, what have been your 'mean girl' tactics to lure a guy? HAH.


  1. I've never used it to lure a guy purposely but QUITE a few guys love it when I blew them off, even when I was utterly rude.

    A guy friend of mine that I hung out with over the weekend actually confessed that he loves being treated like a doormat, and loves being scolded by women - it turns him ON. He especially loves it when women get ANGRY. His friend who was with us concurred.

    Go figure....

  2. dang girl...these guys sound like their slightly sado-maso. but doesn't that just make it all the more hard for us to really send them the true message that we're not interested?

  3. "how about completely ignoring them and treating them like they're invisible? for some strange reason it works wonders for me!"