Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The 2010 Single Girl

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Ok, enough with the complaining and sad jokes for now...2010 is about the happy single girl. Be happy, be free and be open to options I say. 

In ode to the new year, here's a few things you need to keep in mind to be 2010's happy single girl...

>> Don't see in the year feeling lonely. (I don't want to hear of single girls seeing in the TwentyTen cooped up somewhere sad and alone. Go out, get some friends over, and see it in singing and laughing)

>> Don't think of being single as the new sad thing. Being single is cool and fresh and fun.

>> Keep a list of cheap thrills. (The holiday season is the best time to be at your flirtiest, cheap thrills will be abundant)

>> Don't think of the next year as another year you're slipping toward spinsterhood. Think of it as another year you're free from the shackles of wife/strife-dom.

>> When people ask you why you're still single...the new year's answer will be: 'Because 2010 is an Asexual year'. 

>> If people ask you when you're going to get married the new year's answer will be: "I'm waiting for 2012, let's see if the world ends before I get married eh?" 

We forget in our desperation to be thankful for what we have. And what exactly do we have? Well, for starters, we have a whole year ahead full of new hot men and more time to seek out those elusive great ones we keep harping on about. 


  1. happy new year, my lezzy girlfriend!

    we only have two more years on the calendar before the big 3 looms over us!

  2. OMG, this is just the post I needed to read! Thanks for all your single gal resolutions - I will definitely adopt a lot of them, especially the one about being sad about being single...it's been awhile and I've forgotten how fun it can be! Happy New Year!

  3. hey highheel! so good to hear from you :) still read your blog and hope you have a great time seeing in 2010!Happy New Year!

    prontip: bring on the three-oh.kaka. Happy New Year my lovey lezzy !x