Saturday, December 19, 2009

I Hear You're Living Outta State

In fantasy:
You are tall, beautiful and slightly sad. You hold the universe in your hands. You can tell me stories that never end. You make me laugh just by being in the room. You walk hand in hand with me even in our dreams. You are a prince that has a pauper's wisdom. You have a crooked smile and messy hair. You can play the guitar. You like books that I like. You write letters to me in your head. You can dance with me in the moonlight. You make me feel safe. You are never late. You can talk me to sleep when I'm scared. You love only me, always have, always will. You are immortal as am I.

In reality:
You're a vampire character in a badly written book.
Oh poo.


  1. Or a tall, blue, Navi from Pandora, with starlight freckls. Sigh.

  2. innit tho innit tho. or like, an elf with long blond hair.

  3. strangely... I know a real person who at least hits the following:
    1. tall, beautiful and slightly sad
    2. tell stories that never end (there's definitely no tmrw)
    3. walk hand in hand with me in my dreams
    4. a prince with pauper's wisdom