Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Subway Sandwich

I don't think I get signs of interest that men give me. I'm the sort of girl who is oblivious to all these mild flirtations. If you like me, please tell me straight. Don't try and give me strange signs and expect me to pick up on it. 

Example 1:

Boy brushes hair from off my face. (I think he's trying to pull one of my white hairs out)

Example 2:

Boy tells me to sleep on his duvet. (I neglect to comprehend it's an invitation to sleep underneath the duvet WITH him)

Example 3: 

Boy asks me to watch him change. (I think it's coz he wants my fabulous fashion advice)

Example 4:

Boy tries to inadvertently put arm round me. (I think it's coz he needs me to prop him up coz he's too drunk)

Example 5:

Boy tries to offer me a job when he has no money himself (I think he's trying to scam me)

Example 6:

Boy sends me topless photo of himself (I think he's asking me for work out tips). 


  1. What's wrong with you girl? You need to be sending some signals BACK my friend. They are sooooo obviously flirting with you! And the subtles signals are WAY better than being slapped across the face with a 'signal'like what happens in Dubai. No subtlely here at ALL. Arab dudes definition of being 'subtle' is thrusting their number on you a handful of times and not following you when you run away.

  2. mmmm...hello? which planet you live in ah???

    normally, when i encounter examples 2-6, i automatically assume the guy is a sleazebag. but example 1...that's a clear indication a guy is into you...and my que to run away...hahaha