Sunday, December 13, 2009

Married or Engaged

Things I thought I would be by the time I hit my late 20s:

1) Engaged

2) Married

3) Pregnant

4) Living in a big foreign city

5) Hotter

6) Thinner

7) Richer

8) Own a fabulous wardrobe

9) Broken many hearts

10) Be on the way to having a white picket fence 


  1. Same :(

    Come on, u are hotter...and thinner... and richer...and have a fab wardrobe..and I'm sure you've broken many hearts with that indifferent facade!

    As for me..I am fatter. But hotter I think. With a better wardrobe that doesn't fit cos I'm too fat. But I'm richer and in a foreign city. But I'm not married or engaged.


  2. you can always buy a white picket fence from Home DIY. :D