Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Homemade Meat Balls

Repost from Potsie: 

when i was 5, i thought i’d grow up looking like barbie doll. cos my grandma said so. back then, i didn’t know grandma’s love could be so biased.

when i was 5, i had my first crush. i slow danced with that boy. he proceeded to put his hands into his shorts to scratch his butt. then placed it back on my shoulder.

when i was 13, i thought i’d marry jonathan taylor thomas. i thought we were truly MFEO. i’d memorize his biodata (source: tigerbeat magazine) and discovered we had the same passions. i’d do “are you what JTT is looking for??” quizzes and get all the right answers. my love knew no boundaries. i thought i’d move to US of A and marry him.

i’m now 27 and the day is exceptionally good if i get to pangsai twice. full load, mind you.


MFEO - Made For Each Other

pangsai - poop


  1. Meat balls are good.
    I'm glad u're learning how to appreciate balls.
    Btw, just an update that this bally is officially on the sampan with her favourite bally again.


  2. wait...which sampan is this? and who's bally's fav bally leh?

    btw. those meat balls look daaaaam good man. I imagine, with lots of fibre, they'd come out well too from the other side.

  3. the sampan of sampat spinsters...
    welcome welcome to the boat bally bally!
    bally's fav bally is meeeee!!kaka