Friday, June 12, 2009

10 signs you know you're moving on

so, you've just broken off a relationship with someone you thought you'd spend the rest of your life with. now you realise and have accepted that conversations about the future, the wild awesome sex, the familiarity of someone you thought you'd grow old with... will never be a part of your life anymore.

sure, it's upsetting. but what's more upsetting is if you allow yourself to brood and wallow in self-pity. your friends will start to avoid you because you bawl about the same thing. you start to doubt and question yourself repeatedly. your self-esteem plummets to an all-time low. you feel like you'll never be the same person ever again.

but, wait! there's hope. loads of women have managed to crawl through a disastrous break-up and survived to tell the tale. and if you notice, moving forward, they all start to regard the break-up as a tool to toughen them up. build a spine of steel. not to sit there and take anymore shit in the next relationship. be there with sagely advice for the next friend who allows a man to trample all over her.

look to these women as inspiration. take the time to let the depression, anger and sorrow melt away to be replaced with optimism and joy. and you know you're ready for the next relationship with open arms (and legs teehee) when the following happen.

1) the ex messages you and instead of grabbing for your phone and replying immediately like you always did, you just coolly shrug it off and do something more worthwhile than replying... like cleaning the cat's litter box.

2) you see him again and your heart doesn't pound like it's about to break out of your chest. instead, you survey him and while you still have fleeting thoughts of "what if..."... they're just fleeting and you stop dwelling.

3) when you go to your happy place to make yourself um... happy, you stop thinking about him and instead imagine sam worthington cumming with you to make you live.

4) you stop sussing for stories about him from third party sources. you don't bother to hear anything about what he's up to or who he's seeing.

5) you hear he's seeing someone new (or in my case, going back to someone old) and you just hope one day he'll find the happiness he's looking for instead of being a lost boy.

6) you don't have to skip songs in your ipod anymore because they don't cause a painful jolt whenever you hear something that reminds you of him. so i say welcome back to elvis presley, metallica and the la bamba soundtrack!

7) you stop comparing other guys to him. just because he could make you laugh, doesn't mean other guys won't!

8) you re-evaluate your priorities in life. while almost everything used to revolve around him, you start thinking about yourself more and this is the part where "no limit" by 2 unlimited should play in your head.

9) you can stay alone at home now and be sure you won't fall into a black brooding spell that is fuelled by memories and things of the past. i found the best way to overcome this was to download something entertaining to watch and have a purring cat sleep beside me.

10) you can look back at what happened and take it as a lesson learnt instead of breaking out in sniffles. one day, you will even smile and laugh at yourself for the silly things you did and said.

so there you go. 10 signs you know you're moving on to greater things!


  1. yay Prontip! time to get happy again.
    i think this also can be applied to those of us who had to lose the love of our lives due to stupid circumstances :D

  2. He is going back to someone old. That's what mine did. he went back to an ex. then I went back to an ex. Then he started talking crap to me for going back to my ex. Well that's what he did. He was like OH you can't do any better than that. AHH!

  3. he couldn't do any better than his ex too. haha. mine just moved on to some german groupie ho. another story for another time.

  4. moving on is too hard to do ! but acceptng the fact is the best way to do

  5. Thank you for the post . What makes me proud is the fact that we all manage to climb out of a heartbreak and become a much more stronger person. I like who I am right now and I won't exchange anything that I have for any unworthy guys ever again :)