Wednesday, June 10, 2009

In The Beginning There Was One

I've had an epiphany last weekend when chilling with my best girls. I have never had my heart broken. And the reason is this: I'm too damn self-involved. 

I used to think it was because I was 'born solitary'. As in solitude suited me. It sounds so clever. It might imply that I am a great thinker...v.v.smat.

But the truth is there. I love myself far too much to 'fall, break, and hurt' as Ms.Prontip so aptly put it. I've been so in love with myself that for the last 26 years, I have tried deluding myself into thinking I wasn't happy. I can't be. I am single. I am alone. I'm sad. But you know what, I'm happy. I know I know, that's a big word. Eek. But there it is.

So the question here to ask is, is it alright to be happy and be alone? Why does it even have to be a question?

Oh because, I'm Asian, I'm single, I'm approaching 30 and someone once called me a Plain Jane. The odds are against me. Hold up, and another thing; I have virtually no money to my name. Which is all grim grim grim. 

But here I am, proclaiming that I'm happy. So shouldn't we try at least to not snigger at the thought? 


  1. Aww... the fact that you're happy means your not self-obsessed. If you were, you'd let your financial state and single status bug you. But you don't, you're happy, and it's ok.

  2. I am happy and alone. I wish more ppl could understand that. Everyone thinks a single girl in her 20s must be sad and pathetic. We are strong, independent, and happy. We aren't settling. We aren't single bc we suck, or are ugly or whatever ppl say. We are single bc we want to be.