Sunday, June 14, 2009

Taken Or Not Taken (Part II)

As a footnote to the whole Sleazy Taken Dude (STD - I've changed the acronym so it now looks even sleazier..hawhaw)...

Here are more signs of an STD.

#1 They flirt like crazy but if you suggest taking things further, their palms start to sweat.

#2 They'll most probably feign a life crisis to make you feel sorry for them. (eg. his Mum put him down when he was a wee boy and this is the reason he's so fucked up)

#3 They'll suggest commitment but only as far as getting you into bed and staying there for the next couple of hours.

#4 If you talk about another man they'll get extremely jealous and if you ask about any other women they might be interested in, they get incredibly defensive.

#5 They never want to go back to their place. (and they'll give lame excuses like, grandma is senile and walks around the house naked)

Ladies, I can't say the STD isn't a tempting thought. What a thrill. And fuck, he's hot so why the hell not? But he's a sneaky bugger and ultimately an asshole and a coward. So STAY AWAY...
All together now....HEY, ARE YOU SINGLE?


  1. HA HA HA now it's STD. And I thought SHGTM was funny.

  2. STD just has a nice sleazy ring to it dontcha think?