Wednesday, June 17, 2009

the wrong kind of men

i’ve decided to compile a list of horror stories my sisters, girlfriends, gay friends and i went through with men. feel free to add on.

do note that all these are different men and they’re still roaming the earth so be careful if you meet them!

- the one who had a long distance relationship and cheated on her and continued cheating when she went back. she caught him kissing another girl in the sea and later slapped him three times until his mouth bled. he raised his hand to return the slap but was held back by his friends.

- the one who was with the guy for five years and ignored rumours about him being bi-sexual despite the rampant stories. in the end, he broke up with her to find himself (i.e. be gay).

- the one who was born and bred in singapore but has a strange twangy foreign accent and felt the need to podcast about it.

- the one who had a baby with her and relentlessly cheated on her again and again.

- the one who held a cleaver to her neck when she wanted to leave the house and started to stalk her, hack into her email and created fake social networking accounts. the police were called in and she now has a restraining order against him.

- the one who forced her to do acts against her own will in hotel 81.

- the one who ruined most of her birthday by ignoring her and not wanting to acknowledge that it was a special day for her.

- the one who ran away into the arms of another woman after 12 years of being together and she paying for his education.

- the one who suddenly broke up for no reason and spitefully threw a post-break up birthday present back at the face.

- the married one who is a devout christian and church leader but still strayed.

- the one who broke up with her after she had already bought an air ticket to fly over to see him.

- the one who promised to be together with her just so she would relent to having sex with him.

- the one who cheated on her when she was pregnant.

*shudder* no wonder i love zombie movies. they’re like melted butter on popcorn and bouncy air castles compared to the horror men have put women through.

do you have any to add?


  1. - the one who splatter his work pressure on her by initiating a sudden break up because of his inability to manage his emotions

    - the one who slept with her good friend after deciding to marry the girlfriend

    - the one who relentlessly pursues and drops you like a bombshell shortly after he succeeds

    - the one the one the one.

    most impt thing any man can do for his partner is to bring smiles to her face. i say we ladies should just hire a comedian 'coz he will definitely make one laugh.

    we paid for it. ;)

  2. Cheating on someone when pregnant?! Ugh, men are ass holes!

  3. - the one who has a penis and two gonads

  4. the one who broke up with her coz she was supposedly too emotional but was still hanging out with her like a couple - same time confessing his love to another girl - but claiming he's just mucking around.

  5. - the one who, after 6 years decided to break up with her in an abrupt phone call and blamed the entire break up on her because he had a *feeling* she was cheating on him. She wasn't.

    - the one who lied to her face about his cheating ways and decided to tell all his friends that SHE was too clingy and turned everyone against her.

    - the one who had a secret family and several other secret mistresses.

    - the one who went to thailand, met a ho, and decided to leave his little baby and wife in a space of a week.

  6. perpetual thinkerJune 19, 2009 at 7:02 AM

    - the one who cheated on her, then bawl his eyes out in supposed regret. Fly miles to just her, giving her hope that there was more to come. Then leave and begin cheating with more than one girl on more than one occasion but lying all that time. Only admitting after the truth was out after he had already dumped her but saying 'it's ok the door's still open'

  7. The one who was cheating on her with so many other women that when she wanted some loving from her man, his penis was always not hard enough (or most of the time flaccid) because he had worn 'mr. happy' out with all those other hoes.

  8. The one who was married for 22 years and abandoned his family of 4 (hardworking, intelligent, ethical)children and wife for a trailer trash ho in Oregon who is not divorced and has two morbidly obese (30 year old) children (who can't take care of themselves). He also won't pay child support for his 17 year old daughter in high school (coz he can't afford to)and yet he still wants to keep in contact with her after all the shit he put his family through over his stupid mistakes. He downgraded his family's health care so he could pay for his sisters and brothers to have lap band surgeries (keeping in mind that they are all unemployed and won't lift a finger to help themselves). He slammed his wife onto the floor and she hit her head. He doesn't remember what he says or does when in rage. He breaks into the house and brings his pimp brother that gave him a ho around his children. His brother also raped his sister and no one believes her. He allowed his daughters to sleep under the same roof of a rapist while they did not know. And a lot of other shit that the one does.

  9. the one who avoided her saying he was busy caring for his grandfather who had third stage throat cancer (grandpa turned out to be healthy) but actually was busy fucking around with a skanky bitch in.