Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How To Spot A Rotten Egg

Courtesy of L-Pots who has been ON FIRE lately. I love this post and I love the person who wrote it more...Here's to spotting the bad from the good.

We don't set out to get heartbroken. Men who have broken us are men we thought were the good stuff. How do we tell the good ones from the bad?

How to detect a rotten egg?

1) First of all, have a set of level headed friends (which I'm thankful for) who will tell you when you go wrong.

2) If you hear of rumours about your possible/future/intended/current man, be wary. Clarifying rumours with him is one thing. Believing his explanation is another.

3) If your friends do not like him and you have to tell yourself that your friends do not know him as well as you do and therefore they misunderstand, be wary. Your popot is doing the thinking here.

4) If he ever uses the line, "I didn't think you needed to know because you would only get paranoid", be wary. It's not for him to decide what you need to know.

5) If you feel inadequate being with him.

6) Do not assume ugly men will make good boyfriends/husbands/partners. Bad men come in all shapes and sizes.

7) If he is forever declaring his love for you in private but not introducing you to his friends - Bad egg.

8) If he feels the need to hide the relationship due to 'circumstances' - Double bad egg.

9) If he has a bad history. 10 girlfriends in less than a year. Watch out. We are not THAT special to change a man. We may be able to clench our popot walls during sex but we don't practise witchcraft, do we?

10) If he says, "I've never felt this way before...". Of course he hasn't. Each relationship is different. Your relationship with your mother is different from your relationship with your father.

I say being single is great. Being in a relationship with a good man is great too. We just need to fish the good ones out.

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