Monday, June 15, 2009

The Joys of Being Alone Part I

# Alone lets you sit around painting your nails 

# Alone lets you eat a spoonful of coffee creamer with nobody around to go 'eww'

# Alone allows you to never feel the sting of a cheating partner

# Alone lets you sit around at 2am looking like a ghost with your face mask on

# Alone lets you not talk to anyone

# Alone allows you to not be disappointed

# Alone lets you erect a giant poster of Sam Worthington in your room to stare at for hours

# Alone allows you to be late

# Alone allows you to have deep insightful conversations with yourself


  1. #Alone allows you to fart (loudly or smelly-ly) with abandon in your own bed with or without the covers off!

    #Alone allows you to not have to share shower products, or get annoyed with how someone else doesn't squeeze toothpaste out the same way you do (though buying those pump tubes eliminates that issue I've found. Anyways......!)

    #Alone = toilet paper lasting longer

    #Alone allows you to read through a sob-worthy book with tears running down your face without having to look up and have someone go "whoa there...apasal?!?!" (or any variation thereof)

    #Alone allows you to enjoy the vision of the streaming light of the setting sun lightly touching the flowers on the dining table and the colourful cloudy sky outside ALL TO YOURSELF. No need to share or attempt to share it with someone who might go not, you know, get it.


    #Alone is sometimes quite empowering.

  2. omg so read my mind about the farting one! i wanted to list it but then wondered if it might make me come off as smelly...hahaha

    and amen to the last #...
    alone definitely gives u a sense of power! :)

  3. # Alone also allows you to not need to clean up after anybody other than yourself.

  4. # Alone allows you to eat out of a tub of ice cream on the couch while watching reruns of Charmed.

    # Alone allows you to cut loose.
    #Alone allows you to concentrate on your needs.