Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How To Get Over The Ex 101

1) Block him on Facebook (FB). 

2) Find a rebound. Not quite sure how this works, but most people have testified that it's an efficient tool.

3) Block his number on your phone.

4) Stay on your side of the city.

5) If you do bump into the ex, pretend that you didn't see him/her.

6) Throw every gift out. From lingerie right down to the homemade bookmark.

7) Go out, hang out or sleep.

8) Re-read Maslow's theory.

9) Get involved in joss (jossip = gossip). Distract self from own life.

10) Get a crush. Get many crushes. Get a whole lot of crushes.

- Courtesy of Ms. Potsie -


  1. Can I also add:

    11) If all else fails, move countries.


  2. Liking the new blog girl ha! Guess we won't be seeing you down pr*ck Lane anytime soon (it seems the road sign has been appropriately edited)...

    12)Read number 11 again

  3. 13) Get a vibrator and a continuous supply of batteries.

    14) Think of all his bad points and all his disgusting habits until you feel grossed out when you see him.

    15) Make sure you look super hot the next time you see him.

  4. D-pots: i like applies v well.

  5. Ohh I have some to add:

    block and delete him from MSN, think about all the shitty things he did when you were together, and work out at the gym a LOT.

  6. 16) Read love horoscopes everyday. Accordingly, through this, convince (trick?) oneself of how hot, wanted and available you are. Hence how great single life is.