Saturday, June 13, 2009

First Looks

You know what's nuts? I remember the first time I noticed/met every one of my crushes. I don't know about you, but if you can remember the first time you saw someone and remember exactly what you thought about him, it's got to count for something.

In a homage to first looks I shall list the first time I noticed some of my more memorable crushes. Lalala.

1) Ridic - 'this is the sort of normal dude I should be dating'. HAH. *normal* my arse! How the hell was I supposed to know he'd become a pseudo-celebrity royal playa extraordinnaire? Anyway, Ridic Part III has made me realise he should be crossed OFF the crush list.

2) Cali-Boy - I was crossing the street one cold winter night and there he was in a blue hoodie jumper looking back at me. I thought, 'oh my God, he's so hot, I want to marry him.' But he was a ho-lovin' loser. Pah.

3) Feta - He was waiting at the bus stop and greeted his Mom when she got off the bus with a big hug. Aww. But don't let that deceive you, after Feta I've decided that it is wise to... *STAY AWAY FROM GREEK BOYS*

Sadly I am crushless now. Suggestions are welcome.


  1. i don't know crush #2! who is he?

  2. ohohoh.. one more. the one with the suave dance moves at clubs that makes one ooozee in lalang land.

    these dudes however always end up delivering more heart shattering tirades, than sex sweltering moments.

  3. D-pot: the californian dude who impressed me with his snowboarding skills and his ability to quote Freud. yummy.

  4. I am the same way about remembering all that stuff. I could tell you what I wore and when I saw them and all that stuff. hahaha

  5. Now i remember! His name was mikerrr too!!!

  6. Can I contribute to your list?

    4) Josh.B.- the Quarter Life Crisis Crush at College: When I fist beheld is feminine, chiselled face I thought: 'Gasp!' When he went and got it on with the butterzest female individual on our course I thought WTF? And finally when I found out he did it for a laugh I grossed out at the thought of what else he does to entertain himself.

    5) Whale Music: When I first met him I thought, 'who the hell is this fuggly and what's he doing in my class?' ...I should have allowed him when I was told to.

    6) Mr. Indo: When I first met him I thought, 'damn who said older men weren't hot?' ...Found out he was married :(

    7) Mr Lit.Soc.President: First impression, 'Is he too fine for a loveable nerd or what?' The guy had the looks, the brains, the depth, the intellect...he also had a 'WTF-He's-With-Her?'-Girlfriend who I dont know where the hell he picked her up.

  7. err but those were YOUR crushes..not mine ;)
    except maybe #4...dang..remember when we stalked his myspace?