Thursday, June 25, 2009

We Belong Together

Music Videos by VideoCure

Wentworth Miller is probably the finest of fine men. Which is why Mariah chooses to run away from her wedding with him. Which got me thinking about men you would like to stay single for. You know, men so hot that you just might want to skip out and put your wedding on hold.

Men I'd Ditch My Very Own Wedding For:

1) Wentworth Miller
Because he is the perfect man and I would skip all weddings for him. And he has a bitchin' car in the video.

2) Brandon Boyd
Recently reacquainted myself with this old flame and humuhna humuhna...imagine if he turned up at YOUR wedding shirtless and playing the bongos and wanted you to run away with him? Yes, please.

3) Christian Bale
He so scary, you better run away with him...else he might just punch you out, sling you over his back and kidnap you. Not that you'd mind.

4) JC Chasez
Oh shut up, because I loved him before I loved anybody else including my poor future hubby to be. And you should really really be with your first love. Well, I should be. So there.

5) Gael Garcia Bernal
Ok, the man is so pretty he could reduce me to tears by simply glancing at me. And he is me corazon. Tequiero.


  1. Mine would read:

    1. Gael Garcia Bernal
    2. Justin Timberlake
    3. Tom Chaplin of Keane


  2. Wenworth Miller is GAY :(

    Mine would be:

    Keanu Reeves and Robert Downey Jr.

  3. he is gay but it is irrelevant because he is so beautiful!

  4. Excuse me!!! Isn't Ronan your first love??

    JC is all mine.

  5. I remember you swooning over JC during college... lolz

  6. A-pots : squeezzy...JC and I have been INVOLVED. ronan was an oversight. n hallo, i'm the one that wrote him a love email so u kenot claim rights!

  7. Weirdos. Mine as follows:
    1. Paul Walker
    2. Scott Speedman
    3. James Marsden
    4. Keanu Reeves
    5. Taylor Lautner
    6. Costas Mandylor (Just Desserts)