Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Over and Out

Signs you are over the FLOYL (Former Love of Your Life).

- When you FB stalk him, you suddenly get distracted by photos of his best friend's ass.

- You start FB stalking his best friend and spend the next half hour doing so. (This time you're not doing it just to find pics of the FLOYL)

- You come across a particularly hot pic of the FLOYL and you don't imagine having steamy sex with him.

- When you see a pic of the FLOYL cozied up with some skinny dark haired ho, you shrug and say to yourself 'good for him'.

- You start to see exactly what your friends meant when they said 'he looks like a monkey'.

- When someone mentions 'The One' you no longer think about him laughing and being all lovely...instead your vision gets clouded by images of Christian Bale topless, sounding husky and looking intense. *quiversome*


  1. How about:

    - You don't care when you see a lot of comments on his page from his former FWB that he slept with before you guys got together

  2. Haih, I wish lah. Can't for this day to come and I can laugh at all of this.

  3. starblitz: yes you can! read how to get over the ex 101!haha