Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Wrong Crush

Ok, let's talk about my current crush (a pesky little bugger who WON'T go away). I think I should introduce him (officially) to the blog. 

My current crush, as in real life crush (because I have many many many non-real life crushes of whom I can go into great detail in a later post)...anyway, yes, my current real life crush shall be known as Ridic. 

Ridic's Stats are so:

Looks: Cute (a 7.5 I'd say)

Height: Short 

Personality: Funny but twatty 

Reputation: Serial playa / asshole / childish

Length of crush: Since 2005 (very embarrassing I know, but this includes a 2 1/2 year hiatus) 

Contact: In 4 years, I have come face to face with Ridic 3 times. Spoken to him on the phone once. Emailed him twice. Have him add me on Facebook. (I have never spoken to Ridic face to face...reasons for this explained below).


Ridic F2F Contact Part 1 : I was young, I thought he was normal...I could've talked to him. He *almost* talked to me. But alas, our paths never crossed close enough to initiate anything. Ah, the regret!

Ridic F2F Contact Part 2: In my DEFENSE, I hadn't seen him for 2.5 years and entertained the romantic fantasy that he would be one of those people I would never ever see again, so he became this beautiful unattainable thing. Then he turns up standing behind Sue at an event and the shock of seeing this unattainable beautiful thing standing behind my best friend ordering a beer sent me into what can be described as 'over-excitement'. It rendered me incapable of speech or any basic human interaction. To cut a long story short, poor Sue had to escort me out of the club and make me eat something before I could function like a normal human being. By the time we went back in, Ridic had sidled next to some buxom skank and I could only stand and stare. Oh well. At least we were now in the same city. Only a matter of time before I saw him again. (or so I thought).


Ridic F2F Contact Part 3: I'll let the next post describe it :( 


  1. I should've told you that ridic is literally RIDIC and FUGS (even though i didn't think he was at that time) when we first saw him if it would to stop you from carrying this insane crush for 4 ridonkulous YEARS!

    Would it, though?


  2. whoops, typo.


  3. I don't knw A-Pots. You're not the only one who has tried convincing me that he is LITERALLY ridic and FUGS and SLEAZY. yet, the crush persists. help!

  4. this may be cliche but... it sounds a lot like can't help falling for the bad guy sort of tale