Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rules Of The Ridic (Part I)

You know what's Ridiculous?

Ridiculous is women still going out and believing that just around the corner The One might bump into her.

Ridiculous is believing that The One is some perfect person who will sweep you off your feet.

Ridiculous is thinking someone you may have met somewhere or seen briefly, could've been The One.

Ridiculous is hoping against hope that someone you left or left you had been The One.

Ridiculous is building someone up to be The One.

So many Ridiculous notions we come up with to try and convince ourselves that being single isn't ok. That we must, by hook or by crook, find someone who *completes* us. Who's to say we won't fall apart more after meeting this inevitable character?
And who's to say there can be just ONE person that fits? Why can't there be more than one The Ones?

I wish we would stop this Ridiculousness. Even just for a day. Stop looking. Be free. Be happy with being One. Why does it have to be a lonely number? Why can't it be one of strength? Hmm?

What's the most Ridiculous, is that after all this, I don't think you'd listen to me. Because, in a stupid ridiculous way, I hardly listen to myself.
We should really give each other slaps for being this Ridiculous now, shouldn't we?


  1. I have read your new blog and I really like it. Keep up the good work. Added you to my bloglist.

  2. I LOVE this mainly because it's what I do, hoping there will be someone better to keep me going in life. A goal/priority I make to wait for The One and abstain from unnecessary relationships with men, but I do it out of good intentions. I wouldn't want to end up pregnant and not have a secure future for my child or not live life the way I want to. As for your question: "Why can't there be more than one The Ones?" Maybe it's because when we find that special someone we love him/her entirely and cannot fathom to love another. Maybe it is possible to learn to love another after a passing of a beloved, but one will always remember their first love with tremendous passion and won't be able to forget that person. A second love could never compare to one's first true love.
    All of this The One mumbo jumbo business may be ridiculous, but is it? There's only one person in the world who could make you feel a certain way, laugh a certain way, cry a certain way, or love a certain way. And maybe it'll take a long time to come across another being who has this effect. Ok. Enough of my rambling and trying to make sense of life.